Our recent activities in Israel

Our goal at KAVOD is to do impactful, meaningful tzedakah work – allocating funds to support our Mitzvah Heroes and organizations that are working to repair what is broken in our world, all over the world.

Since October 7th, 2023, we have been focused on providing support to those impacted by the war in Israel-Gaza war. We are providing support to colleagues, friends, and family in Israel. Recent donations from KAVOD have gone to support our friends at Gesharim Letikvah/Bridges for Hope, the Jerusalem Rape Crisis Center, and Beit Uri (a safe place for children and adults with disabilities in Afula).

We have also been distributing emergency funds to organizations that have grown almost overnight in response to recent attacks on Israel. During the first week, one of the most distressing calls for Tzedakah were for the 360,000 reservists who have been called to duty, but who are desperately understocked with necessary tools and supplies. Today, we purchased $2080.33 worth of supplies, including: bandages and First Aid kits; hydration kits; thermal underwear and pants; towels; flashlights; rain ponchos and raincoats; tourniquets; face masks; Duffle bags and backpacks; Leatherman multitools (like Swiss-army knives); polar fleece jackets; protective pads – knees, elbows etc.; helmets; goggles; sleeping pads; rope; light sticks; gloves; and more. Our purchases were delivered to the recipients quickly, thanks to  New England IAC (Israeli American Council) and their incredible network of Mitzvah heroes.

On October 27th, Kavod Volunteer Executive Director, Rabbi Yoshi Zweiback, brought body armor to Israel in his luggage as well as other supplies to replace those that have run out in this unprecedented moment of calling over 300,000 reservists to military service. Yoshi also helped provide direct support for the family of one soldier who was badly wounded during rescue operations on October 7.

Thank you for joining us in our efforts to help as many Israelis as we can in this terrible time. If you want to send money to Israel as soon as possible, please make a donation to Kavod and note “Emergency Israel Funds.” We have no overhead and no paid staff so 100% of your donation will make it to those who need help now.

For photographs and videos of Rabbi Zweiback’s October, 2023 visit to Israel: https://www.instagram.com/rabbiyoshi/

Watch/hear Rabbi Zweiback’s speech to “LA Jewish Community Vigil for Israel” at Stephen Wise Temple, October 8, 2023, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=atXmTiDL5yI&feature=youtu.be&mibextid=Zxz2cZ

Read the words of Rabbi Zweiback’s speech to the “LA Jewish Community Vigil for Israel” at Stephen Wise Temple, October 8, 2023, here: https://jewishjournal.com/community/363648/es-brent-it-burns-grab-a-bucket-and-douse-the-flames/

Please learn more about some of our favorite Israeli Tzedakah organizations here.

Beit Uri  – https://www.bet-uri.org.il/copy-of-home\

Beit Uri is a safe place for children and adults with disabilities in Afula in Northern Israel.

From Yehuda Avraham: “At Beit Uri there are 12 bomb shelters / safe rooms that serve 130 residents and 50 staff at any given moment. Some shelters are in need of renovations such as painting, plumbing, ventilation, door frames, and doors. We are raising funds in order to answer these needs and your donation will certainly help with this effort. Thank you.”

Bridges for Hope – Gesharim LeTikvah


Bridges for hope has no website, office, building, nor staff. Every dollar you send goes directly to helping Israeli friends and neighbors in their time of need. Rabbi Nof is the Founder of Bridges for Hope / Gesharim Letikvah, which does extraordinary work in Israel with all sorts of people in need:  impoverished families, Holocaust survivors, new immigrants, elders, people on the periphery of Israel’s social and religious communities – including Ethiopian and Russian olim (immigrants)… and, of course, victims of terror.

Tevel b’Tzedekhttps://tevelbtzedek.org/

From Micha Odenheimer: “Amidst all these horrors there are bright spots –most notably, the amazing Israeli people. Tens of thousands of young men and women crowded into planes to return from abroad to join their army units, knowing that they could be facing mortal danger. Hundreds of thousands of others are volunteering, taking care of refugees from the southern communities that hug the Gaza border. The volunteers include Bedouin, Druze and Israeli Arabs, along with Jews. And the support of the United States under the leadership of President Biden is beyond what anyone might expect of a U.S. President. Many challenges lay ahead….We have to hold on to our moral and ethical center, and not let our exposure to pure evil infect us and cloud our judgment. Non-combatant Palestinians must be protected, to the greatest degree possible. We have to remain our best selves.”