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KAVOD is a non-profit tzedakah collective. We are a group of individuals who have chosen to pool our tzedakah resources together so that, as a community, we can have a greater impact in our efforts to repair the world. We strive to be a real community. There are usually no more than two degrees of separation between any individual contributor to KAVOD and a member of the board of directors.

Together we have given away far more tzedakah money and created far more programs as a collective than we could have as individual contributors. To find out more about how you can be part of this mitzvah, contact us today.


KAVOD Recipients

We create new programs and fund existing programs that help Jews and non-Jews living in the United States, Israel, and around the world to live in dignity and honor. We commit ourselves as a collective to forming personal relationships with the tzedakah heroes we support. We visit and write and phone the people whom we are fortunate enough to be able to help and we encourage our donors to do the same. You can learn about all the projects we support and track every dime we’ve given away by looking through our annual reports.

KAVOD Reports

Each year we publish an annual report of our projects and our progress. To read our annual reports, click here

KAVOD Donations

Since we began our work in 1993 over five thousand people have made donations to KAVOD. We strive to operate as close to 0% overhead as possible and to support programs that similarly demand efficiency. You can donate to KAVOD knowing that all of your money will go to fund projects that have been carefully chosen. KAVOD is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt corporation, Tax ID # 47-0789888, doing tzedakah since 5754 (1993) To donate online click here.

KAVOD Education

KAVOD believes that study and learning will lead to action.  We write and distribute curriculum materials about Tzedakah and we study, teach, and share the great texts and stories which encourage raising and distributing tzedakah wisely and effectively. To find out more about our educational initiatives and important links click on Education.

KAVOD Governance

Volunteer Executive Director and Founder:

Rabbi Yoshi Zweiback

Volunteer Administrator:

Judy Zweiback

Volunteer Allocations Director:

Rabbi Neal Gold

Volunteer Board of Directors:

Rabbi Alan Berlin

Rabbi Ken Chasen

Rabbi Josh Davidson

Rabbi Robert A. Davis

Rabbi David Ellenson, Ph.D.

Rabbi Jacqueline Koch Ellenson

Rabbi Matthew Gewirtz 

Rabbi Daniel Gropper

Tamara Lustgarten Gropper

Mace Hack, Ph.D.

Alysa Hantgan

Jacqueline Hantgan

Allison Lee

Devra Lerner

Rabbi Susan Lippe

Kimberly Marshall, Ph.D.

Rabbi Michael Mellen

Rabbi Sydney Mintz

Rabbi Jay Moses

Rabbi Sarah Reines

Dan Siegel

Isaiah Yisrael

Adam Zweiback

Rosie Zweiback

Dr. Speedy Zweiback

Hermene Zweiback (ז”ל)