Click here to see the amazing work our KAVOD Fellows did in 2008!

NOTE: We are experimenting with a new model for the Fellowship program and are currently working with a few students in the Year-in-Israel Program. We will update you on changes as we go forward.

KAVOD Tzedakah Fellowship Program

The KAVOD Tzedakah Fellowship Program in partnership with the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion (HUC-JIR) is training the next generation of Mitzvah Heroes.  Rabbis, cantors, educators, and communal service professionals are learning to raise and distribute tzedakah wisely and effectively.

Here’s how the fellowship works:  First year HUC-JIR students are eligible to apply for the fellowship.  A committee of the KAVOD board selects Fellows. KAVOD provides guidance and support to the Fellows so they can raise and distribute funds in accordance with the values of KAVOD. All disbursements are reviewed by members of the KAVOD board.

KAVOD recognizes that for students to understand fully the challenges (and joys) of giving money away, they must understand the challenges of raising money.  So, in addition to an upfront sum that KAVOD entrusts the fellow to donate, we offer a 1:1 challenge matching grant._ That grant grows each year, creating a bigger and bigger incentive for the Fellow and his/her supporters. Each fellowship “costs” KAVOD $6000 over four-years ($1,000 in up-front grants and $5,000 in matching grants). The total tzedakah yield, assuming the Fellow makes the match, will equal $11,000 (that is, the $5,000 matching grant will yield $10,000 in tzedakah+ the $1,000 up-front grant). And if the Fellow surpasses the challenge grant (as a few have already done), s/he can donate more than $11,000 over the course of her/his fellowship.

We love the idea of the tzedakah Fellowships for a number of reasons.   For one, it’s a great tzedakah investment – every dollar directed to the fellow will be given to tzedakah.  Plus, the fellow will be raising their own additional funds for tzedakah.  This is a generative program – it’s a fellowship that keeps on giving because we expect great things from these fellows in the years ahead.  Years from now, they will be leading synagogues, educating youth and adults, serving on community boards, and running their own tzedakah collectives.

If you would like to sponsor a fellow (a $6,000 donation over four years), please contact us at [email protected].